2009. december 6., vasárnap

I've received some original illustrations back. They are all roughly A4 sized, painted with watercolour and gouache and are for sale.

Hen Harrier (70 EUR)

Montagu's Harrier (70 EUR)

Marsh Harrier (70 EUR)

White-tailed Eagle (60 EUR)

Golden Eagle (60 EUR)

Red Kite (60 EUR)

Kestrel (70 EUR)

Snow Bunting (60 EUR)

2009. április 30., csütörtök

I've received some of my mammal illustrations back. They have been published in a French book about animal tracks and signs. All of them are A4 sized (21 x 29.5 cm), watercolour and gouache on paper. They are for sale for 130 EUR.

Wild Boar looking for food

Rabbit gnawing down a branch in winter (sold)

Rabbit scratching the soil

Coipu swimming

Coipu climbing the riverbed

Badger scratching the soil for food

Badger looking for larvae under the bark

Red Fox robbing a field mouse nest

Red Fox eating a roadkill Hedgehog

Brown Hare hiding (sold)

Brown Hares fighting (sold)

2009. április 3., péntek

I've got some of my original illustration back (these have been published in a booklet about the birds of the mediterranean). They are for sale for 58 EUR each (all are A4 sized and watercolour and gouache on paper).

Purple Heron

Red-legged Partridge

Slender-billed Gull

Red-crested Pochard

Eagle Owl

Grey Heron

Zitting Cisticola

Crag Martin (sold)


Jay (an older illustration, acrylic on paper)

Yellow Wagtail (iberiae x cinereocapilla hybrid)

Greylag Goose

Great White Egret

Sardinian Warbler

Short-toed Eagle

Purple Gallinule


Alpine Accentor

Alpine Swift


Black-winged Stilt

Greater Flamingos

Griffon Vulture

Egyptian Vulture

Citril Finch

Camargue scene with horses, cattle and Cattle Egret

Crested Lark


March Harrier


Bonelli's Warbler

Glossy Ibis

Black Kite

Night Heron